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Preakness Stakes 2023: Everything you need to know about the legendary race

preakness stakes
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The Preakness Stakes is one of the most prestigious yearly events in all of horse racing. It is not only just a showcase of the most talented three-year-olds in the world, but the annual contest also serves as the second leg in the legendary Triple Crown trilogy of races.

In 2022, the 147th edition of the Maryland tradition offered up an entertaining race that saw Early Voting take home victory, and 2023 was no different in importance.

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When are the Preakness Stakes?

The 2023 Preakness Stakes took place on Saturday, May 20, and will occur in the same location it has since the inaugural race in 1873, Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland. The event is the second oldest among the three Triple Crown races. Coming after the Belmont Stakes in 1860, and before the first-ever Kentucky Derby in 1875.

What time does Preakness start?

Coverage for the grand race began at 2 PM ET on NBC Sports and streaming service Peacock. The broadcast will then switch to NBC at 4:30 PM ET. The Preakness Stakes is the second to last duel of an all-day event that features 14 different races.

The Preakness itself usually commences at around 6:50 PM ET.

What channel can I watch the Preakness Stakes 2023 on?

preakness stakes
Credit: Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

As mentioned before, this year’s race was available across a variety of NBC-related platforms. The first round of coverage began at 2-4:30 PM EST on NBC Sports, NBCSports.com, and Peacock. Then the broadcast switches to NBC at 4:30 PM ET and runs through 7:30 PM ET.

How many horses are in the Preakness?

The Kentucky Derby is unique among the Triple Crown races for having 20 horses competing. However, the Preakness Stakes has a much more traditional amount of 14 horses that usually compete. However, in 2023 just seven horses were in the event.

What horses will run in the Preakness Stakes 2023?

Below you can find a full list of the 2023 Preakness Stakes horses and their odds heading into the event.

  • National Treasure – 4-1
  • First Mission – 5-2
  • Blazing Sevens – 6-1
  • Mage – 8-5
  • Red Route One – 10-1
  • Perform – 15-1
  • Coffeewithchis – 20-1
  • Chase The Chaos – 50-1

How much does it cost to enter the Preakness?

Any horse can’t be entered into the legendary Triple Crown of races. Certain three-year-olds are nominated, and if they are accepted there is a fee of $15,000 to enter and another $15,000 to start. That is actually far cheaper than the $50,000 needed to enter and start in the Kentucky Derby two weeks before the Preakness.

How can you bet on the winner of the Preakness?

preakness stakes
Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

There are various options to place bets on the horses running in the race. Especially since sports gambling in-person and online is legal in 30 states in the US. One possible source, if you so choose, is the site for the Kentucky Derby. Along with offering information and betting for the first race in the Triple Crown, you can also put down wagers for the Preakness there as well.

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Can female horses run in the Preakness?

Yes, female horses –or fillies — can run in the Preakness Stakes and six of them have won the event, including Swiss Skydiver most recently in 2020.

Who won the 2023 Preakness Stakes?

National Treasure was the favorite heading into the Preakness Stakes 2023 and showed exactly why on race day. From the start, Treasure led the and then held on to the spot throughout the mile-long run to history.

While Mage was the horse many were rooting for to win the second leg of the Triple Crown, he finished third as Treasure dominated and was able to hold off a late charge from Blazing Sevens to win the 2023 race.

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