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Paxton Lynch demoted, Chad Kelly promoted to second-team offense

Paxton Lynch

To the surprise of pretty much nobody who watched Paxton Lynch struggle to make any headway in the Denver Broncos’ first preseason game, he’s been demoted to third string while Chad Kelly worked with the second-team offense on Monday.



Kelly recently received some pretty high praise from head coach Vance Joseph, who in the same interview session wasn’t as kind to Lynch.

Throughout camp, it’s been noted by those in attendance that the former first-round pick in 2015 continues to struggle when his first read isn’t open, often running away from pressure that just isn’t there.

At this point, barring a monumental comeback that could potentially require a change of scenery, Lynch appears to be headed toward “bust” territory. He just hasn’t developed the way Denver expected. At this point the team’s best move might just be to let him go and bring in a veteran instead.