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Who are the oldest college football coaches? Nick Saban’s retirement shuffles the list

College football: oldest football coaches
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Late nights and early mornings, film study and game planning, recruiting and booster glad-handing. The role of college football coaches is going to have to be filled by young guys.

Every athletics director is looking for the next young hotshot. The next face of the program. The guy with relentless energy and tireless work ethic, who can spend all of his time to create the program of the future and get the program to multiple bowl games.

Still, the role of college football coaches needs to be filled by guys with experience. Getting a coach who knows how to work the room, how to get a recruit’s family to side with you, and how to adapt to ever-changing players and the game’s evolution is crucial.

Fifteen schools have college football coaches who are at least 60 years old. One is older than 70.

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Oldest college football coaches in the country

College football: oldest football coaches
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CoachSchoolAge (birthday)
Mack BrownNorth Carolina72 (Aug. 27, 1951)
Kirk FerentzIowa69 (Aug. 1, 1955)
K.C. KeelerSam Houston64 (July 26, 1959)
Kyle WhittinghamUtah63 (Nov. 21, 1959)
Biff PoggiCharlotte63 (June 6, 1960)
Willie FritzHouston63 (Apr. 2, 1960)
Sam PittmanArkansas62 (Nov. 28, 1961)
Jim L. MoraMassachusetts62 (Nov. 19, 1961)
Jeff TedfordFresno State62 (Nov. 2, 1961)
Brian KellyLSU62 (Oct. 25, 1961)
Kevin WilsonTulsa62 (Oct. 23, 1961
Curt CignettiIndiana62 (June 2, 1961
Jim McElwainCentral Michigan61 (March 1, 1962)
Chip KellyUCLA60 (Nov. 25, 1963)
Rich RodriguezJacksonville St.60 (May 24, 1963)

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Old college football coaches who are out of work after this season

NCAA Football: UL Monroe at Texas
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This list just got a little shorter. After this regular season, five 60-year-olds were either fired, retired, or resigned.

Here is the list of the old guys who are out of work:

CoachSchoolAge (birthday)
Terry BowdenUL-Monroe67 (Feb. 25, 1956)
Rick StockstillMiddle Tennessee State65 (Dec. 23, 1957)
Craig BohlWyoming65 (July 27, 1958)
Brady HokeSan Diego State64 (Nov. 3, 1958)
Jerry KillNew Mexico State62 (Aug. 24, 1961)
College football coaches out of work after 2023 season

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