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Nick Saban offers salty, legendary quote about mounting injuries

Alabama head coach Nick Saban

The Alabama football program under Nick Saban have a seemingly unstoppable flow of NFL-caliber players coming through on a yearly basis. Yet injuries take their toll on the Crimson Tide, just like any other program.

On Saturday, Saban announced that yet another top-tier player, linebacker Chris Allen, was going to miss the season.

Then when asked about the mounting injuries, per Cecil Hurt of the Tuscaloosa News, he retorted with a colorful, legendary quote we’ll censor a bit for you: “You all think that every time something happens, we just s*** another player…”

It might seem like that’s the case. After all, no matter how many injuries hit the Crimson Tide, it’s hard to remember a time in recent history that this program wasn’t vying for a championship before sending multiple players to the NFL, where they were first-round picks.

That being said, it’s got to be tough on Saban, his coaches and players to continue seeing some of their top players being lost due to injuries.