NFL world already falling in love with XFL kickoff

The XFL season kicked off on Saturday in a moment that football fans everywhere were anticipating. As everyone sat down to watch the start of the game, it didn’t take long before NFL fans fell in love with the XFL’s innovative kickoff format.

Vince McMahon and XFL commissioner Oliver Luck had a vision for an innovative league that brought excitement to the game and still embraced player safety. The new kickoff format, described here, made its debut on Saturday and it was perfect.

The format gives the returner plenty of room to run with blockers in front of him. Even more importantly, it limits the risk of big hits leading to head injuries on blocks.

From the excitement to the emphasis on player safety, the XFL’s kickoff has already become a hit. Now with so many football fans loving it, the pressure from football fans for the NFL to adopt it is already starting.

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