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NFL salary cap could drop by $70 million per team next season?

NFL logo during Rams-Bengals game in London.
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As the NFL looks to start its 2020 season on time in less than two months, there’s some major financial components to it all amid the ongoing pandemic.

We’re seeing somewhat of a split between the players and league as it relates to how salary structures will work during a 2020 season that likely won’t seen fans in attendance.

We also now have more information regarding the salary cap and the 2021 season. It’s about as alarming as all get out.

NFLPA head suggests that salary cap could drop by $70 million next season

This obviously would not be sustainable for most teams out there. If it were to happen, every high-paid player would have to take pay cuts or push some of their earnings to ensuing seasons when the economic hardship around the NFL is not as great.

It’s still an absolutely alarming number. The 2021 salary cap was projected to be about $198 million. Given the likely lack of team revenue this season, that’s going to drop a great deal.

Multiple NFL teams would be in cap hell

As of right now, the Washington football team is slated to have the most cap room at a mere $17.04 million next March. Only seven NFL teams are projected to be under the cap ahead of the 2021 league year. That takes into account the $198 estimated cap. Lower it by $70 million, and there’s going to be some major issues.

Despite the Kansas City Chiefs handing out a couple huge contracts and the Cleveland Browns signing Myles Garrett to a record extension, long-term deals this offseason have been hard to come by. We now might know why.

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