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NFL confirms 2020 season expected to start on time

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The sports world is in a holding pattern due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, things might be looking up in that aspect.

Set to start in September, the 2020 NFL season remains in question. The governor of the largest state in the union has reservations about the season starting on time, especially when it comes to fans in attendance.

Could that be an issue? We are not too sure. What we do know is that the NFL plans on releasing its schedule next week. And according to head PR guy Brian McCarthy, the season is expected to start on time.

The NFL’s stance is no surprise. It forged ahead with the draft last week to rave reviews and record television ratings. Football, more than anything, is America’s pastime. It’s the definition of returning to normalcy.

Despite this, sports returning in any form is about COVID-19 and how America stops the spread of the virus. As of Wednesday afternoon, nearly one-third of cases around the world have been found in the United States with 60,400-plus deaths.