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NFL coach: ‘No way’ Russell Wilson finishes career with Seattle Seahawks

The recent hubbub around the NFL is that the Seattle Seahawks were talking about trading Russell Wilson back in 2018. The scuttlebutt is that they were in discussions with the Cleveland Browns for the No. 1 pick of that draft. Taking this a step further, there’s talk they would have likely selected Josh Allen atop the draft.

Obviously, none of that ever happened. Wilson is now the highest-paid quarterback in the land. And he’s worth it. However, there are some around the league who wonder if Wilson will remain in Seattle until he retires.

NFL coach: ‘No way’ Russell Wilson stays with Seattle Seahawks

At least one NFL coach is sure Wilson will not finish his career in Seattle. Speaking with Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report, this coach said there is “no way” Wilson will play for the Seahawks his entire career.

Remember, Wilson wants to play until he’s 45 years old. He’s 31 now.

With that in mind, the coach who spoke with Freeman believes Wilson will likely play for two more teams before he retires. This coach compared Wilson to Brett Favre. He also said he believes Aaron Rodgers will play for one or two more teams — something that seems inevitable these days.

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