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Nationals P Sean Doolittle raises significant questions about viability of MLB plan

Sean Doolittle, Nationals

The MLB owners approved a plan to get the 2020 season started in July Monday. Washington Nationals pitcher Sean Doolittle has concerns.

Sean Doolittle Twitter thread goes into detail about significant questions for MLB plan

In a lengthy, detailed thread on his Twitter account, Doolittle raised some serious, thoughtful questions about the viability of MLB’s plan to start the season this summer.

These questions center around “health protections for players, families, staff, stadium workers and the workforce it would require to resume a season.”

Doolittle provided a bunch of links from reliable publications to back up his questions.

Here is the Twitter thread in full:

Following the lengthy Twitter thread, Doolittle apologized and wrote, “I had to get that out of my system.” He also made it clear that he hopes “we get to play baseball for you again soon” and that he’s “not mad.”

The list of concerns Doolittle raised is extremely well thought out. Likely, he is far from the only MLB player who has these same concerns. It’s going to be fascinating to see how MLB, and other sports leagues, addresses them.

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