Michael Bennett reportedly read books during Seahawks team meetings last year

Michael Bennett

When the Seattle Seahawks gave up defensive end Michael Bennett for relative peanuts in a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles, many wondered why. Now, thanks to an interesting nugget from Greg Bishop of Sports Illustrated, we have some insight into why the Seahawks pulled off the move.

Well, we know Bennett likes books. He recently released his own, which raised more than a few eyebrows, to say the least.

This also sheds a bit more light on a report that indicated Bennett was “a problem” for Seattle coaches last season.

Seattle barely saved any money and got hardly anything in return for one of their best defensive players. Obviously not all was well between the two sides.

Reading a book during team meetings because you think you know what coach is going to say anyway isn’t the best way to maintain a good relationship. If anything, it’s disrespectful and a horrible example for young players who need to hear what’s being said.

Since being traded to Philly, Bennett believes the Eagles can feature the best defensive line in NFL history. Chances are, he’ll need to pay attention in class to have a big part in making that dream become reality.

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