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Mark Cuban blasts NBA over in-season tournament plan

Mark Cuban president

The NBA is considering a change to its regular-season schedule that includes a shortened slate and a potential in-season tournament that would enable teams to automatically earn a trip to the playoffs.

This seems to be somewhat of a ridiculous premise and has a ton of logistical issues.

It seems that outspoken Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban agrees. In a series of tweets responding to reports about incentives and other possibilities under this new plan, Cuban took direct aim at the NBA.


We know full well that Cuban has opinions on pretty much everything basketball and politics related. He’s no different here.

The points are valid. His point regarding MLB attempting to “add drama” to the All-Star Game makes sense. Said midsummer classic now includes the winning league hosting the World Series.

So you have players on last-place squads deciding who has the upper-hand in a series between the best teams in the game. As for the NBA, this proposed in-season tournament makes no real sense.

“The plan laid out for teams calls for a play-in tournament to decide the seventh and eighth seeds in both conferences – the top 10 finishers in both the East and West would therefore have a chance at the playoffs – as well as a $1 million per player prize for the in-season tournament,” the NBA noted last week.

It really is a ridiculous premise that we hope the NBA decides to push off the front burner and sweep into the ash heap of history.

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