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Magic Johnson will quit if he doesn’t lure free agents to Lakers by next summer

Glenn Carraro

Magic Johnson has drawn a line in the sand. For himself. If Johnson doesn’t deliver high-profile free agents to Los Angeles by next summer, he says he’ll step down.

“If I can’t deliver I’m going to step down myself,” Johnson told reporters on Tuesday. “She won’t have to fire me, I’ll step away from it, because then I can’t do this job.”

The “she” Johnson is referring to here is Jeanie Buss, who’s the controlling owner and president of the Los Angeles Lakers right now.

Earlier in the day, Johnson made it clear that he’s not stressing the upcoming free agency frenzy and said he doesn’t feel any pressure whatsoever.

The Lakers enter free agency with the most cap space of any team in the NBA. They also feature some very exciting young talent, and obviously have the added benefit of being situated in one of the best markets in America, both on and off the court.

With guys like Paul George, LeBron James and Chris Paul reportedly on their radar, expectations are sky high for the Lakers. So, whether he feels pressure or not, it’s definitely put up or shut up time for Magic Johnson.

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