Los Angeles Lakers sign Trevor Ariza, Wayne Ellington

Fresh off acquiring Russell Westbrook, the Los Angeles Lakers are looking to fill out the margins of their roster with proven veteran players.

While the 2020 NBA champions are limited from a salary cap perspective, we’ve read reports about the Lakers potentially being able to bring in some ring chasers.

That now includes the Lakers reuniting with veteran forward Trevor Ariza on the first day of NBA free agency.

Talk about coming full circle. Ariza, 36, was a member of the Los Angeles Lakers’ 2009 NBA championship team under Phil Jackson. He ended up playing only two seasons with the team before moving on to the Houston Rockets.

With that said, this is a much-needed veteran addition for the Lakers. Last season with the Miami Heat, he averaged 9.4 points and 4.8 rebounds on 35% shooting from distance.

Despite pulling off a blockbuster trade for Westbrook, Los Angeles was in need of more perimeter shooting and spacing. Ariza will more than provide that. This is the type of move championship-contending teams make.

In addition to this, the Los Angeles Lakers have also added veteran backup guard Wayne Ellington to the mix. As with the Ariza signing, it’s all about perimeter shooting and spacing.

Ellington, 33, tied his career-best with a 42% mark from distance with the Detroit Pistons a season ago. He also averaged 9.6 points in 22 minutes of action. Look for the North Carolina product to back up at the two-guard spot next season.