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Los Angeles Clippers employee started bogus rumor about Taylor Swift dating Austin Reaves

The Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers have always battled for the limelight in Hollywood, though history suggests it hasn’t been much of a fight. As much as the Clippers may feel otherwise, the Lakers are the big ticket in town. Then we have Taylor Swift, a musical icon that reaches all areas of the world.

Somewhere in here, thanks to the internet, Austin Reaves got involved too. Or is he? Does Travis Kelce know about any of this?

Dating back to this summer, rumors spread of Reaves and Swift becoming an item. Was there any truth to it?

Not at all.

According to Melissa Rohlin of Fox Sports, the bogus Swift-Reaves rumor was all started thanks to a Clippers employee using a burner social media account, a la Kevin Durant.

It all began back on June 5, when a 24-year-old named Zain Fahimullah, a social design associate for the Clippers, sent one viral tweet saying Swift and Reaves were seen at a bar together. He decided to do this after hearing news of Swift’s recent breakup with The 1975 singer Matty Healy. Here is the original tweet.

So, why did Fahimullah, a Clippers employee who is reportedly a Lakers fan, set all this in motion?

“Austin is the trending boy, like the Lakers’ darling of the summer. He just signed this [four-year, $54 million] deal. He’s going to Team USA. Also, the contrast between Austin Reaves and Taylor Swift makes it even funnier. Austin being this small-town kid, like a farmer. And Taylor Swift being this mega-superstar. So, I think that’s why I chose him.”

Los Angeles Clippers employee on why he started Taylor Swift rumor

Many jokes have since followed, including members of the Lakers tapping in. After Sunday’s preseason game, it was coach Darvin Ham who chimed in, “He’s not afraid to tell Taylor Swift no.”

Since the tweet blew up, Fahimullah even faced criticism from his sister, who was upset about her brother dragging Swift’s name through the mud with bogus rumors, asking “Why did you do this? What’s wrong with you?”

Thankfully, Reaves himself finds the whole thing to be comical.

“Any time you’re in L.A. and you play for the Lakers, you’re going to get a lot of attention. And obviously [Swift] is a superstar herself. So, I think the two names just blew up.”

Austin Reaves on Taylor Swift rumors

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