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LOOK: Russell Westbrook shows up to game looking like ‘Super Mario’

Anything to get that long-awaited first win of the season. Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook attempted to change things up as he entered Chesapeake Energy Arena in OKC ahead of Thursday’s game against the Boston Celtics.

How so? We’re glad you asked. He legitimately went full Super Mario with his attire. And it might be the best/worst thing you’ll see all day.

As far as our watches can tell, it’s not yet Halloween. It could be that Russ is attempting to get an early start on the festivities, because, the alternative is much more dire. If this is part of his actual wardrobe, we’re a bit concerned about Russ.

We’re also wondering aloud whether Paul George is going to show up as Luigi. Maybe, Steven Adams will come all decked out as Princess Peach. Heck, is Russ envisioning Kyrie Irving as Bowser?

So many questions, so few answers.

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