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LISTEN: Yikes, the New York Knicks hired Tom Thibodeau

The Knicks hired Tom Thibodeau to be their next head coach
Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Thibodeau is one of the more sought-after coaches in the NBA. His focus on the defensive end is unmatched and his defensive schemes are well known throughout the league, which the New York Knicks noticed.

As an assistant coach, Thibodeau helped the Boston Celtics win the 2008 championship, beating the Los Angeles Lakers. After taking a year off, he is back in the NBA coaching the Knicks.

Can Thibodeau turn the Knicks around?

The Knicks’ futility has been well-documented. Since making the NBA Finals in 1999, the Knicks have made the playoffs six times and have had 13 head coaches. Considering Thibodeau was part of the coaching staff in 1999, the Knicks are hoping that his experience can help turn things around in the Big Apple.

NBA: Thbodeau is one of the “better” coaches the Knicks have hired (88 seconds)

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One important aspect to keep in mind regarding Thibodeau’s hiring is how he treats his players. Thibodeau has been known to play his starters heavy minutes, even if the game has been decided. Perhaps the most infamous example is Derrick Rose in 2012. Had Thibodeau pulled Rose against the Philadelphia 76ers, who knows where his career would have been.

Additionally, the Knicks are targeting Zach LaVine as their next potential superstar in New York. However, the Knicks don’t necessarily have the pieces needed for a trade. Plus, the latter coached the former in Minnesota and LaVine tore his ACL during that same time.

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