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John Wall changes mind, wants to play for Houston Rockets now

Before the 2021-22 NBA season could get underway, John Wall and the Houston Rockets verbally agreed to allow the star point guard to sit out until a trade could be found. Wall wanted a trade away from the Rockets so he could play for a more immediate contender. Now, Wall has waited long enough and wants to get back on the court.

Adrian Wojnarowski reports Wall recently spoke to Rockets’ general manager Rafael Stone about resuming play with the team. Woj’s report goes on to state the two plan to speak again on Sunday. This meeting could simply kickstart Wall’s return to the court, once he’s in game shape again, which shouldn’t take long for the five-time NBA All-Star.

Wall, who played 40 games with the Rockets last season, has yet to play at all this year for the 2-16 Rockets.

Of course, two weeks ago rumors circulated about the Miami Heat having an interest in signing Wall, only if a buyout could be reached with his current team.

Wall wanting to play for the Rockets now could simply be him posturing for such a negotiation. It’s much tougher for any prospective team to have an interest in trading for Wall without seeing him play.

No matter what, for Wall to get to another organization this season, he’ll have to either agree to a buyout of his current contract, or a team will have to trade for his $44 million base salary. Which again, will not happen if he’s sitting on the bench all season.

Playing, even if it’s for a bad Rockets team, gives Wall the best chance of getting back onto a playoff contender. After all, the Washington Wizards are finally flourishing just one season after Wall was traded from the organization that once selected him No. 1 overall.