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Joe Thomas lobbying hard for Drew Brees to sign in Cleveland

Cleveland Browns offensive tackle Joe Thomas

Drew Brees is about to become a free agent unless the New Orleans Saints lock him up before the start of the new league year this March. While the legendary quarterback has already stated he wants to stay in New Orleans until he’s no longer wanted, Joe Thomas is doing everything he can to convince himself and others that Brees could be lured to Cleveland to quarterback for the Browns.

On Thursday, Thomas engaged in a lively Twitter debate on this subject.

Former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky disagreed wholeheartedly with Thomas’ assertion that Brees could play in Cleveland, or anywhere else, for that matter.

However, Thomas would not be deterred. He noted the incredible amount of cap space the Browns have at their disposal.

In the end, Thomas did admit he’s not sure Brees would ever consider the Browns but did make his point that people shouldn’t assume the quarterback will be back with the Saints in 2018.

For what it’s worth — whether it means anything or not — Sean Payton patently refused to discuss Brees potentially returning to the Saints earlier this week. So, it’s not like the team is doing everything it can to throw support behind the veteran quarterback.

The offseason should be quite entertaining. Especially if Joe Thomas continues to stir the pot.

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