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JJ Redick has funny theory on why NBA scoring is up

Scoreboards are being broken in the NBA, and many fans are wondering why the surge in points is happening. Fear not, J.J. Redick is on the case.

Dave Uram of SportsRadio 94WIP shared video of the Philadelphia 76ers marksman providing a hilarious explanation.

In all seriousness, Redick is right. While the response is a bit oversimplified, it’s absolutely true that offenses are smarter.

Mid-range shots used to be a popular part of every team’s attack. However, data showed those are low-percentage attempts and should be avoided when possible.

Additionally, franchises have started to accept the objective fact three-pointers are worth more than twos. The Houston Rockets and Milwaukee Bucks, for example, almost exclusively attempt threes and short twos.

Pretty simple, right?

Redick isn’t the first person to give an amusing response about the increase. Spurs boss Gregg Popovich quipped he thought he needed a trip to the emergency room when the score hit 130 in a recent game.

Teams always adjust eventually, but it’s not an overnight process. For now, they’ll have to atone for being dumb on defense with a bunch of smart possessions — and lots of points — on the other end.

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