Wild story reveals how J.J. McCarthy is built differently than top 2024 NFL Draft QB prospects

J.J. McCarthy
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The 2024 NFL Draft is right around the corner, but experts and analysts still can’t agree on who the consensus top quarterback prospects are after Caleb Williams comes off the board with the first pick. Some say Jayden Daniels, others insist Drake Maye, and some feel J.J. McCarthy is actually the best QB prospect not named Caleb Williams. Jim Harbaugh‘s one of them, but the Los Angeles Chargers obviously don’t need a QB.

So that leaves everyone else, but there are only a handful of teams desperate to add a quarterback in the first round in the upcoming draft. For the teams who are closely evaluating the top prospects, such as Washington, New England, Minnesota, Denver, and Las Vegas, they must identify key traits that sets one player apart from another.

What makes Jayden Daniels so good? His dual-threat mobility offers a threat like no other. But what about J.J. McCarthy?

There’s no doubt the former Michigan Wolverines quarterback has strong leadership traits, as displayed on their run to winning the CFP National Championship. But most may not be aware of McCarthy’s unique approach to leading a locker room. Thankfully, an unknown NFL scout revealed a fascinating story about McCarthy’s leadership dating back to when recruits were debating whether they should attend Michigan or go elsewhere.

“Before he signed, he was telling other Michigan recruits that if they wanted to party and chase girls, go somewhere else. His class was going to be the one that restored Michigan. To have that mentality and actually achieve it? He’s different.”

Anonymous current NFL scout on J.J. McCarthy’s leadership

That’s a story that, if true, should get any NFL GM fired up about McCarthy’s mindset. This is a player who knows where his priorities lie and won’t get sidetracked by common distractions NFL stars deal with on a daily basis. For McCarthy, there are no such questions, he’ll be fully engaged with his locker room, trying to get the most out of his teammates while ensuring he’s ready for gameday.

Now the question is, can he play at a high level in the NFL too?

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