Jerry Jones goes off the rails with Cowboys offense comparison

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones has officially lost his darn mind.

Football fans across America were just treated to one of the most entertaining “Thursday Night Football” matchup we’ve ever seen, featuring the Minnesota Vikings and the team with the hottest offense in the league, the Los Angeles Rams.

During Thursday night’s game, the Rams 556 yards and put 38 points on the board — the fourth game in a row in which they’ve scored at least 33 points.

By Friday morning, Jones — whose team is among the league’s worst offensive squads — was on the radio making an absurd claim while slamming the radio host who dared to disagree.

Speaking on 105.3 The Fan, Jones compared Dallas’ offense to that of the Rams and continued to prop Dak Prescott up, saying he’s just as proud to have him as the Rams are to have Jared Goff. He also once again hyped Tavon Austin, who was never anything more than a gadget player in Los Angeles, saying the Cowboys could use him like the Rams did.

All that is a bit confusing, because, again, Austin was never a big part of what the Rams did. Then Jones talked about his offensive line, which has quite honestly been a shell of its former self so far this year.

“I like our offensive line, when it stacks up against the Rams. I don’t think it’s a reach to think we could have that kind of productivity,” Jones said.

When Mike Bacsik of 105.3 The Fan had the nerve to challenge Jones on this, saying “I don’t see the similarity between the Cowboys offense and the Rams,” the owner fired back with an insult: “That’s why you’re doing radio and not the coaching.”

The Cowboys currently feature the third-worst overall offense, and the second-worst passing and scoring offense in the NFL. Dak Prescott has been a complete mess, and he seems to be regressing even more this year than he did in 2017.

The Rams are about the same, only on the other end of the spectrum.

Jerry Jones has always been an eternal optimist. But right now, he just sounds like a man grasping at straws.

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