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Jarvis Landry responds to report he told Cardinals players to ‘come get me’

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Earlier this week, a report emerged indicating Cleveland Browns star receiver Jarvis Landry told Arizona Cardinals players to “come get me” after last weekend’s loss.

Landry has now responded to that report, and he’s clearly not happy with the reporter who shared the information, Michael Silver of NFL.com.

“I think that the passion and the team I play for that they trust and know my heart and know that I am in this and I would never look to another team during a game, especially that we are losing and say come get me with a worse record than we have.

“Mike [Silver] or whoever the source was, it is all about clicks now and I get it, but at the end of the day, don’t try and slander my name. If you did not hear me say it directly, you should not have to be able to report about it.”

The Browns are a mess right now. Landry was visibly upset with head coach Freddie Kitchens during Sunday’s loss to Arizona (watch here). And so it wouldn’t be surprising at all if he did want to play for another team.

But whether he told opposing players to come get him or not, Landry is clearly not happy that his name is in the news like this during this difficult time.

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