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LISTEN: LeBron James jersey won’t include social movement messages

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James on the court against the Clippers.
Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The rest of the 2020 NBA season will be dedicated to social justice movements. This isn’t out of the ordinary as LeBron James has been extremely vocal on social issues. With social justice issues arising around the world, the NBA has taken notice.

The NBA won’t be just focusing on the United States, though, as some NBA players are opting to donate their salaries to promote social causes around the world. Names like San Antonio Spurs guard Patty Mills, Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard and New Orleans Pelicans guard Jrue Holiday have all pledged to donate the rest of their salary.

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One of the ways the NBA will be promoting social justice movements is by having specific phrases or words on jerseys. These words or phrases would replace the players’ name. Players can choose from words and phrases like “I Can’t Breathe,” “Black Lives Matter,” “Equality” and “Freedom” when they choose their jersey.

However, one player not doing that is Lakers’ star LeBron James.

NBA: James having his name “wouldn’t be detrimental” (78 seconds)

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James is choosing not to have a specific word or phrase on his jersey. This might be odd to some. James clarified that while he commends those that choose a word, he feels that it didn’t resonate with his “mission.”

James adds that he wasn’t consulted by the NBA on his jersey, something he’s “OK” with. Lastly, he said he doesn’t need something on his jersey for people to know what he stands for.

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