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A.J. McCarron Upset Store Closed Early on Him

A.J. McCarron is kind of known to be a bit of a tightly-wound individual. As the old adage goes, “Guys with chest tattoos tend to be…never mind.” However, he confirmed this reputation by whining about Kroger closing 15 minutes before it was supposed to…on Christmas Eve.

McCarron deleted the Tweet and his ensuing conversation with Kroger customer services soon after it was up, but this is not atypical behavior for the ex-Crimson Tide helmsman. He has called out players such as Darnell Dockett on Twitter in the past, and has also been accused by some of being a bad teammate.

A.J., lighten up. It’s Christmas Eve. Let the Kroger employees go home to their families and enjoy the holiday season while you get to hang with your beauty queen wife.

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