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Indianapolis Colts Isaiah Rodgers among players to be hit with year ban for gambling

indianapolis colts, nfl
Credit: Jenna Watson-USA TODAY Sports

Indianapolis Colts special teams star Isaiah Rodgers is among a group of NFL players that are expected to receive a year ban in the latest round of suspensions after allegations of betting on games.

In April, Detroit Lions wide receiver Jameson Williams and several other players were hit with serious suspensions for violating rules on gambling for NFL athletes. The league’s current gambling policy forbids NFL personnel from betting on its games.

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Furthermore, players, coaches, and other team and league personnel are not allowed to make any bets at any work-related location. In short, individuals working for the NFL and its organizations can’t place any bets at stadiums, team hotels, club events, or practice facilities. Yet, despite the fallout from April, it was discovered that there were more players that violated the policy in May.

Isaiah Rodgers reportedly bet on Indianapolis Colts games

indianapolis colts, nfl
Credit: USA Today Network

On Wednesday, ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter broke the news that Indianapolis Colts kick returner Isaiah Rodgers and the other players involved with the May findings “are expected to receive season-long suspensions this week for alleged gambling.”

NFL players betting on games is a non-starter for every athlete and is viewed as one of the most serious offenses in the league. Even if the player is not betting on their own team’s games, the action calls the integrity of the sport into question and is something every professional league wants to avoid. Especially the NFL, since they are at a peak moment of interest during the league’s history.

The Indianapolis Colts veteran’s situation is as serious as any since it is believed he actually may have bet on the team’s games.

The NFL is expected to go about reinforcing the policy with current players and will send rookies to mandatory educational sessions on the policy. League officials will also be making visits to team facilities soon with the intention of emphasizing “key rules” to players. Those specific guidelines can be found below (via ESPN).

  • Don’t bet on the NFL.
  • Don’t gamble at your team facility, while traveling for a road game or staying at a team hotel.
  • Don’t have someone bet for you.
  • Don’t share team “inside information.”
  • Don’t enter a sportsbook during the NFL playing season.
  • Don’t play daily fantasy football.
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