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Gregg Popovich deftly deflects contract question with humorous quip

Gregg Popovich

Gregg Popovich enters the 2019 NBA offseason without a contract. Not surprisingly, many in the media are trying to get information out of the San Antonio Spurs coach about his contract situation.

On Monday during his final media session of the season, Popovich was asked about his contract status. His reply was a humorous deflection as he refused to directly answer.

That’s classic Gregg Popovich. He rarely gives give the media what it wants, yet reporters keep coming back for more.

The latest reports indicate Popovich will be back with the Spurs next season, and he indicated to reporters that he’d see them next fall, per Mike Finger of San Antonio Express-News.

One of the best coaches of all-time in any American sport, Popovich’s resume is legendary. His Spurs were eliminated from the playoffs in seven games over the weekend as the Denver Nuggets advanced. Yet the 2018-19 season has to be seen as a success given the team’s overall talent.

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