VIDEO: Green Bay Packers reveal awesome Northern Lights dancing over Lambeau Field

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While we all wish it was football season, now it’s the Northern Lights’ time to shine.

As great as it is to watch the Green Bay Packers hit Lambeau Field, seeing the aurora borealis dancing across the night sky is nearly just as entertaining.

While those who live in the northern hemisphere often get a chance to see the Northern Lights, many others around the globe will never see the colorful light display fill the sky. Thankfully, the 2024 Northern Lights forecast included Wisconsin in their schedule, giving Lambeau Field a chance to shine.

Lambeau Field’s breathtaking aurora borealis

Amazingly, the Packers’ social media team put together a short clip showing the aurora borealis over Lambeau Field overnight from May 11 to the morning of May 12, and it’s spectacular.

If you missed the Northern Lights during the past few days, you might still be able to catch them on Monday night, depending on your location. Click here for more on the upcoming aurora borealis forecast.

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