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Fenway Park: What you need to know to make it a great day

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Fenway Park is the old MLB stadium and the home of the Boston Red Sox is an unforgettable stop for any baseball fan. From the opportunity to watch the Red Sox to seeing The Green Monster up close, Fenway Park is an all-time classic ballpark that anyone who likes baseball must see at least once in their life. Here’s everything you need to know before stepping foot on this hallowed ground.

Where is Fenway Park? 

Fenway Park is in Boston, Massachusetts. The address to the park is 4 Jersey St, Boston, MA 02215. 

Who plays at Fenway Park? 

The Boston Red Sox play at Fenway Park. 

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When was Fenway Park built? 

Fenway Park was built on April 20, 1912. 

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What is the capacity at Fenway Park?

MLB: New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox
Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

The capacity at Fenway Park is 37,731, which is how many seats there are at the Park. 

How tall is the green monster in Fenway Park?

The green monster in Fenway Park is 37 feet tall. 

How much is the parking at Fenway Park?

Finding parking at Fenway Park on a game day can be challenging. We have listed the best places to park, prices to park, and how long it will take to walk to Fenway Park. 

  • Fenway Garage, $50 – 1 minute 
  • 1282 Boylston St, $57 – 4 minutes 
  • Swan Lot, $66 – 1 minute
  • Ipswich Garage, $45 – 2 minutes 
  • Warren Towers Garage, $33 – 12 minutes 
  • Commonwealth Hotel, $45 – 5 minutes 
  • Landmark Center Garage, $50 – 8 minutes 
  • Haviland Street Garage, $45 – 9 minutes 
  • Christian Science Plaza Garage, $19 – 16 minutes
  • The Clarendon Garage, $10 – 25 minutes 

Who owns Fenway Park? 

Fenway Sports Group owns Fenway Park. 

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How to get to Fenway Park by train? 

Fenway Park
Credit – MLB

The green line D is the first subway that goes straight to Fenway Park in Boston. You can also take the T train to get you to Fenway Park.

What can you bring to Fenway Park? 

Bags must be 5”x9”x2” or smaller and can enter Fenway Park. 

Can you bring food into Fenway Park? 

You are not allowed to bring your own food into the ballpark.

Can you tailgate at Fenway Park? 

MLB: New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox
Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

Tailgating is not allowed at Fenway Park. 

What bars are close to Fenway Park?                  

If you are looking to pre-game before you go to Fenway Park, there are a few bars close you can go to before. 

What time do the gates open at Fenway Park?

All gates at Fenway Park open 90 minutes before every game’s scheduled start time. 

Can you watch batting practice at Fenway Park?

You can’t watch the Red Sox take batting practice if you are there early. When the gates open, you can see the opposing team batting practice. If you get loud, you can get a player’s attention to throw you a ball from the outfield.

Does Fenway Park require proof of vaccination?

There isn’t any requirement to show your proof of vaccination or negative COVID test. 

What is there to eat at Fenway Park?

Fenway Park
Credit – pxhere

There are a few options you can choose from to get something to eat. We listed all the different places you get some yummy food. Some of the places have the gates they are located at, and others don’t have a gate listed.

  • Yankee Lobster, Gate D
  • Strega, Gate E
  • Regina Pizzeria, Gate E
  • Taste of Boston 
  • Savenor’s Butcher & Market 
  • By Chloe 
  • El Pelon 

What are the best-rated hotels close to Fenway Park? 

If you are looking to stay close to Fenway Park for an event or game, we have the best hotel options for you to pick from. Some of the hotel options are within walking distance of Fenway Park. If you want to save on parking, these are your best options. 

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