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Von Miller being fined for farting on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Von MIller COVID-19

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller has a flatulence problem. It exists in team meetings, something that has forced him to be fined by fellow teammates when he lets a fart rip.

Now on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” Miller’s “problem” is taking center stage … almost literally:

Come on, that’s just yucky.

To Miller’s credit, he’s not necessarily afraid to admit that he has a farting issue. Unfortunately for Miller’s dancing partner, Witney Carson McAllister, Miller refuses to look at himself in the mirror.

That’s evidenced by his comments on the topic:

“At this point, I think she’s taking advantage of it.”

Mr. Miller, I am pretty sure not a single person in this world (or any other for that matter) would want to take advantage of you farting. That’s not how it works.

Miller, the reigning Super Bowl MVP, might want to invest in some cheese or something of that ilk. Anything that would prevent him from embarrassing his family name on national television.

Unrelated, all this brings us back to this one episode of “Family Guy.”

Let’s all hope Miller’s problem never reaches this level. That might prevent the linebacker from getting the long-term deal that he seeks from the Broncos.

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