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Drone as fast as F1 car should be seriously considered for future NASCAR races

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Credit: David Yeazell-USA TODAY Sports

F1 has revealed a drone that can actually keep up with their cars, and it should be something NASCAR seriously considers to give their fans another amazing view of race day action.

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NASCAR has come a long way in their presentation of races during the season. From views inside the car and angles that closely show drivers fighting for positions at absurd speeds, the league’s races are some of the most immersive experiences currently in sports broadcasting.

However, Red Bull and Dutch Drone Gods recently unveiled the RB20 — or what is being dubbed the “world’s fastest camera drone” — and it could be something that takes NASCAR viewing experiences to an all-new level.

In a documentary that just’s over 12 minutes long (and can be found below), star Formula 1 drivers like Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez put the drone and pilot Ralph Hogenbirk through some amazing testing.

In an early test on a straight way, the drone was shockingly able to outrun an F1 car. However, when made to chase a driver going through a traditional F1 course the device had some trouble. But after adjustments by the DDG team, it was able to keep pace with the car and delivered some absolutely gorgeous overhead footage at as fast as 186 MPH that blew Verstappen’s mind.

“I never thought I’d see a drone going that quick just for camera footage,” he said Verstappen. “I didn’t know it was following me whilst driving in the wet, and it was very close to me in some places. I was really surprised at how quickly it could keep up, and also how close it could get in the corners. It gives a bit of a different perspective to watching Formula One.”

Why the RB20 drone needs to be brought to NASCAR

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Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports

After the first set of tests, the Dutch Drone Gods team went and got some help from the F1 Red Bull crew to improve the device. Making it lighter, more durable, and even better looking. Considering how good it was before the upgrades it would be a phenomenal idea to see NASCAR bring the drone to some of its races.

While it could be a very fun tool when used at classic oval tracks like Talladega and Charlotte it could be amazing if put to use for some of the newer road courses like Chicago’s street race. As NASCAR tries to reach a broader audience and more casual fans with the street courses and their new Netflix series, this could be another fun way to catch attention and grab new fans.

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