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Dez Bryant subtly rips Cowboys, encourages Ezekiel Elliott to ‘stand your ground’

The Dallas Cowboys have once more raised the bar when it comes to divisive rhetoric concerning the Ezekiel Elliott holdout situation.

Owner Jerry Jones, appearing on 105.3 The Fan said, “You enter a different world when you don’t honor your agreements.”

First off, that’s pretty rich coming from any NFL owner. Players are cut all the darn time, despite having contracts. One person who clearly feels like Elliott is doing the right thing staying away from the Cowboys amid his contract impasse is former teammate Dez Bryant.

Responding to Jones’ comment, which was shared by Jane Slater of NFL.com, Bryant lamented having done things differently when he played and encouraged Elliott to “Stand your ground.”

Bryant is clearly taking a swipe at the ‘Boys and Jones by writing, “being 100% committed to something and not getting that same commitment back will break you down!”

As to Bryant’s message to Zeke, it sure sounds like Elliott is going to stand his ground. The latest reports on this increasingly contentious holdout indicate Elliott has no issue holding out of regular-season games. Furthermore, the Cowboys seem to have embraced that as reality.

Meanwhile, many former Cowboys players have rallied behind Elliott, rather than America’s Team, including one of the greatest running backs of all time.

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