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DeAndre Hopkins’ mother, Sabrina Greenlee, will have movie made about her life

DeAndre Hopkins

Sabrina Greenlee, the mother of Houston Texans star DeAndre Hopkins, was blinded in a brutal attack in 2002. Her story will soon be made into a movie.

The attack nearly killed Greenlee and left her blind. Following the attack, Greenlee fell into a deep depression and abused alcohol. Her struggle, and how she overcame them to raise four children, will be told in the movie.

“BRON Studios has partnered up with Good Fear and Kituufu Films to make ‘Sabrina,'” TMZ Sports reported. “Sam Bailey of HBO’s “Brown Girls” is set to direct the flick … and “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” writer Kristen Buckley is working on the screenplay.”

Greenlee has spoken publicly about her story.

The attack came when Hopkins was only 12. Greenlee was dating a man who, unbeknownst to her, was in a relationship with another woman.

As TMZ Sports noted, that woman “threw a dangerous mixture of Red Devil Lye (drain cleaner) and Clorox bleach at Sabrina’s face, blinding her immediately … and almost causing her to suffocate.”

Overcoming such a gruesome attack is definitely a story worth telling on the big screen.

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