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WATCH: Dallas Mavericks inexplicably defend wrong basket, Golden State Warriors get easiest bucket of all time

Like 13 other teams in the Western Conference, the Dallas Mavericks are fighting for their lives in the playoff race. Sitting at eighth place heading into their Wednesday night matchup against the Golden State Warriors, the Mavs can’t afford to make many mistakes.

Unfortunately, they made what might be one of the biggest goofs of the season. Somehow, coach Jason Kidd’s team completely misread the situation coming out of the inbound play. They didn’t even defend the correct basket, leading to what has to be the easiest bucket of all time for the Golden State Warriors. As if having Stephen Curry shooting lights out wasn’t a big enough challenge.

No need to do anything flashy, right Kevon Looney? Just go for the easy two points. The play is embarrassing enough. We’ll see this one on Shaqtin’ a Fool. It’s guaranteed.

Didn’t anyone on the Mavericks think it was odd that the Warriors had all five of their players on one end of the court? Were they really all waiting in position at the other end, defending Golden State’s hoop for them? This is just downright strange.

It’s also hard not to enjoy the simple caption from Golden State’s social media team. They certainly did count it, and the Warriors have to be all smiles after that one. Meanwhile, the Mavericks? Not so much. The fact that the Mavericks lost by just two points, this bucket serves as an all-too-painful reminder of just how much every possession counts.

Yet, the Mavericks plan to file a protest, suggesting the gaffe was actually a mistake made by the refs, not their team. Basically, this one is far from over, yet the Warriors still emerged victorious.

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