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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones releases statement after Dak Prescott’s season-ending injury

The Dallas Cowboys might have won their game against the New York Giants in Week 5. That's obviously not the story coming out of Big D.

The Dallas Cowboys might have won their game against the New York Giants in Week 5. That’s obviously not the story coming out of Big D.

Rather, it’s the season-ending ankle injury star quarterback and MVP candidate Dak Prescott suffered in the third quarter. Prescott suffered a compound fracture and dislocated the right ankle and is undergoing surgery Sunday evening. It’s one of the worst injuries you’ll ever see on the football field.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones releases statement following Dak Prescott’s injury

“We are all heartbroken for Dak and this very disappointing injury. The outpouring of messages that I have received regarding his setback speaks volumes to the respect and admiration that he has earned from teammates, former Cowboys players and Cowboys supporters everywhere,” Jones wrote. “I know this young man very well. I know the personal strife and hardship that he has faced, dealt with and overcome in his young life.

Here’s the full statement.

Outside of what this means for Prescott’s future with the Cowboys, the ankle injury is devastating in so many ways. Not only does he face a long road back, but the star quarterback has also dealt with so much this year already.

Back in April, Prescott awoke to news from his father and best friend that his brother, Jace, had committed suicide. He opened up about that recently, talking about the importance of mental health.

“Mental health leads to the health of everything else,” Prescott said back in September. “Before I can lead, I have to make sure my mind is in the right place to do that and lead people to where they want to be. I think that it’s important to be vulnerable, to be genuine and to be transparent. I think that goes a long way when you are a leader and your voice is being heard by so many and you can inspire.”

This speaks directly to Mr. Jones’ comments about the young quarterback and what he has dealt with recently. Sunday’s events just add another layer to this. Simply put, Prescott’s road to recovery will be long.

Cowboys' Dak Prescott during game against Seahawks
Sep 27, 2020; Seattle, Washington, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4) returns to the locker room following pregame warmups against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

As for his NFL career, Prescott is slated to become a free agent in March. This comes after a long, drawn-out contract stalemate between the former mid-round pick and the Cowboys’ organization. But as Jones’ comments clearly point out, it’s about a lot more than that right now.

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