Coby Fleener puts former Colts’ teammates on blast

Courtesy of Jim Steve, USA Today Sports

Former Indianapolis Colts tight end Coby Fleener moved on to greener pastures this week by inking a huge five-year, $36 million contract with the New Orleans Saints.

Moving on from Indianapolis was long expected after the team re-signed fellow tight end and 2012 draft classmate Dwayne Allen to a lucrative long-term contract on Monday.

What wasn’t expected was the criticism he lobbed his former teammates way during an introductory conference call with Saints reporters following the signing:

“I think it’s one of those situations where it really reveals character,” Fleener said, via ESPN.com. “The guys that kept fighting through it — knowing that we may not have our star quarterback on the field but we still have a chance to win the game — those are the guys you want kind of in your corner. And the other guys, it becomes pretty apparent that they’re along for the ride.”

The former second-round pick is talking about how the Colts regressed after Andrew Luck went down with multiple injuries during the 2015 season. Luck missed a total of nine games, leaving the likes of Matt Hasselbeck and Josh Freeman to start games for the team.

While Fleener’s criticism might be warranted following a disappointing 2015 campaign, it’s important to note that Indianapolis put up a 6-3 record in games Luck missed. In comparison, it was just 2-5 in his starts.

In refusing to throw any individual player under the bus, Fleener maintained a certain level of class. Though, these comments are unlikely to endear himself to his former teammates.

With $36 million in greenbacks and a fresh start in the Bayou, we can rest assure Fleener doesn’t necessarily care.


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