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Blake Bortles on his pick-six issues: ‘I’ve gotta be a better tackler’

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Credit: Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles sure does have what we’d call a self-deprecating sense of humor. Maybe it is his way of dealing with the struggles we’ve seen from the young quarterback this season.

Either way, it might not rub fans of the long downtrodden Jaguars the right way.

In addressing the issues he’s had with seeing interceptions returned for touchdowns, Bortles came up with this beauty.

He’s specifically talking about the past three games against the Houston Texans, each of which has seen a Bortles interception returned for a touchdown.

Okay, Blake. We get it, you’re a funny guy. But how about fixing the actual issue at hand here? Your inability to throw the ball to your own team on a consistent basis.

Bortles led the NFL with 18 interceptions last season. And thus far this year, the third-year quarterback ranks second to only Philip Rivers with 15 picks.

More than that, Bortles is handing the other team points at a record pace. Including the pick-six he threw against the Denver Broncos back in Week 13, the former first-round pick has seen 11 interceptions returned for touchdowns in less than three seasons.

Sometimes humor itself can be used to overcome life’s obstacles. In this case, it would seem we’re laughing at Bortles, not with him.

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