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phoenix suns
With reports that Chris Paul is being waived, the Phoenix Suns will have huge shoes to fill at point guard. We’ve pinpointed their five best options.
Boston Celtics
If the Boston Celtics continues the Jayson Tatum-Jaylen Brown partnership, they will need to upgrade their guard position. That’s where Damian Lillard comes in.
The Miami Heat have a 3-0 lead over the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals. As a result, the so-called Heat culture talk has become all the rage.
Miami Heat
The Miami Heat have looked completely different in the postseason. That’s why it shouldn’t be a surprise that they took Game 1 of Eastern Conference Finals.
eastern conference finals
The Eastern Conference finals will pit the playoff-tested Boston Celtics vs. the upstart Miami Heat, the No. 8 seed that is trying to pull off another big upset.
victor wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama is a once-in-a-generation talent that could transform any franchise. So who will be lucky enough to call Wembanyama’s name on Draft night?
monty williams
Monty Williams’ firing feels especially undeserved, as he made the Phoenix Suns relevant again, bringing them back to the playoffs after a decade-long drought.
Many NBA pundits projected the Suns as NBA title favorites after they traded for Kevin Durant. But the loss of depth in that deal haunted them in the playoffs.
NBA Playoffs
Here are five starters who underperformed in their roles during the NBA Playoffs and probably cost their teams a chance to contend for the NBA title.
devin booker
Even with two-time NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant on the roster, the Phoenix Suns remain a NBA title contender because of the stellar play of Devin Booker.