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A father of 2 boys and married to an actual angel. Been a lifelong Colts, Pacers, and Mariners fan (you can thank Ken Griffey Jr for my M's fandom). Will be a future award winner at something. Most likely in something sports related.

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Chris Ballard, Indianapolis Colts
The Indianapolis Colts received their team grades from the NFLPA on Wednesday. Here are some of the top takeaways.
Indianapolis Colts
How should the Indianapolis Colts approach free agency with their seven most important players with expiring contracts?
Indianapolis Colts quarterback Anthony Richardson
Grading the Indianapolis Colts 2023 NFL Draft class, including quarterback Anthony Richardson
Indiana Pacers
What to make of the deals made by the Indiana Pacers at the NBA trade deadline? Did it make them a playoff contender this season or better for the long haul?
Domantas Sabonis
Learn how Sacramento Kings star Domantas Sabonis recently tied a basketball Hall of Famer in a certain statistical category.
nba expansion
Since January of 2022, the NBA has been talking about expansion. Several cities have been speculated as potential candidates for NBA expansion.
The Indianapolis Colts played better than expected and fell one play short of making the playoffs. Here’s how they can improve in 2024.
The NBA is experiencing some of the best point guard play in a long time and some of the top players at this position are 25 years old or younger.
Indianapolis Colts
Can the Indianapolis Colts come closer to reaching the playoffs, or will the Las Vegas Raiders continue their momentum under coach Antonio
Bucks vs. Pacers: Bad blood brewing
The game ball incident is the latest in the bad blood brewing in the Bucks vs. Pacers series.