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Andre Johnson on Andrew Luck: “He’s Probably the Best Quarterback I’ve Ever Played With”

Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Andre Johnson seems to be in awe with his new quarterback. After just three OTA practices, Johnson, a 12-year NFL veteran, shared a rather interesting comment about Andrew Luck (via the Indy Star):

“He’s probably the best quarterback I’ve ever played with.”

I am not sure how the likes of David Carr and Matt Schaub should take this, but it’s rather obvious that Johnson is happy in his new surroundings. It’s also rather obvious that Luck’s career has already surpassed the two quarterbacks we mentioned above. But for Johnson to say after just three practices that Luck is already the best quarterback he has played with is rather awesome.

As it relates to what Johnson is going to bring to the table, he’s going to help Luck out big time as well. A pure possession receiver at this stage in his career, the future Hall of Famer will act the part of a chain-mover opposite the down-field threat that T.Y. Hilton possesses on the other end.

Enter into the equation Frank Gore, who has a year or two of stellar football ahead of himself, and it seems like the Colts offense could become even more dominant in 2015.

If nothing else, Johnson’s comments regarding Luck could help build a strong on-field relationship between the two. If that happens, the Colts are going to be hard to outscore this season.

Photo: USA Today Sports

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