Adrian Peterson will wear Chris Johnson’s number with the Cardinals

Adrian Peterson

The hits keep on coming for now former Arizona Cardinals running back Chris Johnson. A day after losing his roster spot to the recently acquired Adrian Peterson, Johnson’s No. 23 will now be worn by the former Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints running back.

No. Really.

That’s just all sorts of unfortunate.

It also comes after a Tweet from Johnson back in September demanding Peterson see more touches was hashed up against on Tuesday (more on that here).

As we noted in that article, the irony is most definitely ironic here.

For his part, Peterson wore No. 28 for both the Vikings and Saints. He also wore that number during his college days with the Oklahoma Sooners. Now a starter in Arizona, Peterson wasn’t about to ask for that number from cornerback Justin Bethel.

Usually in these cases, the new veteran player asks to buy a jersey number from his younger counterpart. But in Peterson’s case, the finances might not allow for that.

In any event, this is yet another strange twist in what has been a weird week for both Peterson and the Cardinals.