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Adam Silver responds to President Trump’s comments about LeBron James

Adam Silver

President Donald Trump made headlines late Friday night when he put three-time NBA champion LeBron James on blast through social media.

In responding to James’ interview with Don Lemon of CNN, Trump questioned the intelligence level of the two professionals.

To many, this was seen as a disgusting attack on a man in King James that just recently opened up a school for those less fortunate in his home community. Since then, many have lobbed praise in James’ direction.

Not Mr. Trump. Instead, he decided to go after James’ intelligence level. That hasn’t sat well with most throughout the sports world, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver now included.

Here’s what Silver had to say in response to POTUS and in support of the NBA’s best player.

It’s no surprise that Silver would throw his support behind James. Masked somewhat due to the NFL’s national anthem controversy, there’s been a growing divide between the NBA and the White House.

Trump’s tweet and the league’s response will only add to that moving forward.

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