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New York Jets think Green Bay Packers ‘unreasonable and irrational’ in Aaron Rodgers trade talks

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers wants to play for the New York Jets in 2023 and trade talks are ongoing. However, the lengthy negotiations between the two sides now seem to be leading to some shots being taken through the media.

Neither the general manager for the Packers nor the Jets provided any clarity on when Rodgers would be traded. The four-time NFL MVP publicly stated over two weeks ago that he wants to play for the Jets next season, but Green Bay is holding up trade talks.

While some progress has been made, with the Packers reportedly backing off their demand of the 13th overall pick being included, no deal is imminent. Meanwhile, New York seems to be voicing some of its frustrations in dealing with Green Bay to reporters.

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Appearing on the Pat McAfee Show, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk shared that the Jets have found the Packers’ trade demands to be “unreasonable and irrational” thus far.

Green Bay initially insisted on New York including its 2023 first-round pick in any deal for Rodgers. As Ian Rapoport of NFL Network said Friday on the Pat McAfee Show, the Jets likely weren’t ever going to entertain acquiring Rodgers if it cost them the 13th overall selection.

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The two sides have made progress since Green Bay lowered its asking price. The Jets would now reportedly part with one of their second-round picks and attach a conditional draft pick in 2024 to the deal.

  • Aaron Rodgers contract: $31.62 million cap hit (2023), $40.7 million cap hit (’24), $59.3 million cap hit (’25), $53.45 million cap hit (’26)

However, the conditions on the pick and potential compensation Green Bay is being asked to give up are the new hurdles to overcome. New York reportedly wants the Packers to attach a draft pick in 2025 if Rodgers retires after the upcoming season.

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It’s a deal the Packers reportedly aren’t willing to make, even with the conditional 2024 second-round pick becoming a first-round pick if the Jets go on a deep playoff run. While both sides are committed to making a deal happen, it might not happen until closer to the 2023 NFL Draft.

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