2-Time college basketball Player of the Year Zach Edey enters 2024 NBA Draft: 4 ideal landing spots including the Boston Celtics

zach edey
Credit: Grace Hollars/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

Two-time Naismith Player of the Year Award winner Zach Edey has officially ended his time in the college basketball ranks and is headed to the NBA in June. But where could the Purdue star land for his rookie season in the league?

On paper, a talented 7-foot-4, 285-pound double-double machine would seem like a dream for NBA organizations. However, that is what makes Boilermakers star Zach Edey a bit of a riddle. While he has the measurables that NBA Draft evaluators would drool over, his athleticism is a major hindrance to his prospects in the league. That is why he was projected to go in Round 2 last year.

  • Zach Edey stats (2023-24): 32.0 MPG, 25.2 PPG, 12.2 RPG, 2.0 APG, 2.2 BPG

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Yet, this past offseason Edey put in the work to remake his body to look like a professional and it helped him land a second straight Player of the Year award and a trip to the National Championship game in 2024 — as well as an improved draft stock. On Tuesday, it was reported that the 21-year-old had officially entered the draft in a year that is weaker than normal.

Following the best season of his career, let’s look at four teams that would be ideal fits for Zach Edey in the 2024 NBA Draft.

4 teams that could select Zach Edey in the 2024 NBA Draft

zach edey
Credit: Grace Hollars/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

Boston Celtics

Under head coach Joe Mazulla the Boston Celtics have remained a top defensive squad and had the league’s second-best defensive rating this past season. Edey is a talented interior scorer who would be great off the bench for Boston to spell minutes for aging center Al Horford.

However, long-term he could be a potential future starter in a defense where his deficiencies on the perimeter could be covered up by their talented guards and forwards, and he could stay back under the basket to play to his strengths as a strong rim protector.

San Antonio Spurs

If the San Antonio Spurs had any concerns about the wear and tear of being a center hurting the potential of Victor Wembanyama, Edey would be an interesting option as either a back up or as part of a new twin towers front court in Texas. Wembanyama has the athleticism to cover forwards and centers who prefer to play on the outside while Edey could be the man to deal with the league’s true bruisers.

  • Zach Edey height: 7-foot-4

If Edey were to come off the bench, he would give them another strong rebounder and rim protector when the French phenom is getting a rest.

New Orleans Pelicans

zach edey
Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

New Orleans Pelicans starting center Jonas Valanciunas is a free agent after this season, and if the organization wanted to go a cheaper route with the position the Naismith Award winner certainly would be a good option. He is a more plodding traditional center like the 12-year veteran and could fill the scoring and rebounding void if the big man departs in free agency.

Philadelphia 76ers

Monitoring Joel Embiid’s health is a constant part of life for the Philadelphia 76ers. If the team wanted to find a long-term backup for the reigning MVP, that might fit into their system when the next eventual Embiid injury comes, Edey would be an interesting option. Similar to the Celtics, Philly is a good defensive team that might let Edey play more to his strengths because they have rock-solid defenders at other positions.

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