Teams reportedly opposed to Tom Brady as minority owner of the Las Vegas Raiders

Teams are reportedly against Tom Brady becoming a minority owner of the Las Vegas Raiders for one obvious reason.

Tom Brady

Seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady will make his debut in the Fox broadcast booth for the 2024 season.

Brady, 46, inked a massive deal with Fox after retiring from the league following the 2022 season. Though, he opted to take a “gap year” in between retirement and making the transition to the booth.

All the while, Brady has been looking to purchase a minority stake in the Las Vegas Raiders from owner Mark Davis. Something seemed settled on this front last year before some push back within the NFL ranks. In particular, there was some concern over Brady unretiring and playing for a team while he’s a minority owner. League rules clearly prohibit that.

With Brady now fully retired, we’re hearing a bit more on his hopes of becoming a minority owner. Some teams are against that idea due to his role as an announcer on Fox.

“There are some teams, I’ve talked to them, that are vehemently opposed to Tom Brady being an equity partner, being a part owner of a team and broadcasting games,” NFL Media’s Tom Pelissero said on The Rick Eisen Show Monday. “They simply don’t want to have it, they’re not going to let him into production meetings, they don’t want somebody on talking about their team who’s owner of another team.”

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Tom Brady’s ownership of the Las Vegas Raiders seemingly on life support

Tom Brady
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Owners did not vote on Brady’s potential ownership during spring meetings. Whether there is going to be a vote moving forward in the offseason remains to be seen.

But at this point, it’s looking more and more like Brady’s deal with Davis is going to fall through. The simple fact that NFL Media reported what we quoted above adds another layer to this. It’s coming from an employee of the league.

Previously, owners pushed back against Brady’s minority purchase because it was seen as a sweetheart deal. Now, some owners are not on board with Brady due to his role on Fox.

There’s obviously a lot more to this than what we’re being fed. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of it moving forward.

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