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Stephen Curry has more threes than four NBA teams

Stephen Curry torched the Washington Wizards with 11 three-pointers, and the massive night vaulted his season total past several NBA teams.

Through five games, the Golden State Warriors star has knocked down 33 trifectas. The Oklahoma City Thunder, Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Clippers and New Orleans Pelicans haven’t connected on that many.

Not bad, Steph. Not bad.

In case anyone still disagrees, Curry’s 51-point explosion offered yet another piece of evidence to why he’s the greatest shooter in NBA history.

During his career, the “Baby Faced-Assassin” has buried 11 threes in a single game six times. According to Basketball-Reference, that’s only happened on seven other occasions — and nobody else has done it twice.

Go ahead and give the Warriors the trophy already. We know what’s coming.

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