Saints’ Michael Thomas cites Tony Romo’s contract as reason not to sign new CBA

Michael Thomas holdout

New Orleans Saints receiver Michael Thomas, like many of us, was stunned to see that Tony Romo is making $17 million a year on his new contract with CBS Sports.

He had a different takeaway than the average Joe, though, when he argued on Twitter that Romo’s deal is “why we shouldn’t sign the new CBA agreement,” noting “no way the announcer should be making more than 90% of the players.”

Interestingly, and somewhat ironically, the proposed CBA is being opposed by many players who actually do make more than Romo will at CBS. Meanwhile, NFL insiders have cited the increase in pay for the players who are at the bottom of the NFL’s food chain as the biggest reason the proposed CBA will end up being ratified by the players.

The players will reportedly be given the chance to vote on the CBA next week. At this point, there’s been no reported deadline for a final vote, but the new league year is nearly upon us, and most of the league is waiting for a verdict before moving forward with any big roster moves.

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