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Richard Sherman calls out Jimbo Fisher over facemask incident

Texas A&M head football coach Jimbo Fisher crossed a line on Saturday when he violently grabbed the facemask of linebacker Tyrel Dodson in the middle of a rage.

Dodson had been involved in an altercation himself, then afterward Fisher physically asserted his dominance with the over-the-top act (watch here).

Sports business writer Andrew Brandt of The MMQB, like many of us, saw the incident and commented by tweeting “$75 million…guaranteed.”

Richard Sherman, who’s never afraid to speak his mind on issues, picked up on that line of thinking and blasted Fisher with a sarcastic tweet of his own.

Many fans have no issue with what Fisher did, coming from the old-school line of thinking.

On a personal note, I’m with Sherman here. Coaches should be a notch above their players when it comes to emotional control and physical restraint. In my opinion, he clearly crossed the line.

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