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Philip Rivers ‘permanently’ leaves San Diego, Chargers’ career likely over

Philip Rivers
Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Philip Rivers has lived with his family in San Diego since being drafted by the Chargers in 2004. Now his future with the organization might be coming to an end with Rivers and his family leaving the city for good.

Rivers confirmed to ESPN on Sunday that his family moved out of its home in San Diego permanently. The family is moving to Florida to be closer to relatives and will look towards his options in free agency.

Even when the Chargers moved to Los Angeles, Rivers’ family remained in San Diego and he commuted between cities each day. Now, as the 38-year-old looks to continue his NFL career, the chances of a return to Los Angeles appear non-existent.

While Rivers struggled this past season with turnovers, posting an ugly 23-20 TD-INT ratio, he was a Pro Bowl cornerback from 2016-’18. He is already drawing interest from the Indianapolis Colts and will have plenty of suitors to choose from this offseason.

As his family gets settled into their new home, Rivers will likely look through his options and find the right fit for himself and his family.

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