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PETA to Oklahoma after Sooner Schooner accident: ‘Keep horses off the field’

Sooner Schooner

The famous Sooner Schooner was in the news for all the wrong reasons Saturday after the wagon, and the people riding on it, crashed to the turf after a score.

It was a scary incident, to be sure. Thankfully, the university has issued a statement in which it assured fans neither the people nor the horses were seriously injured during the accident.

That hasn’t stopped PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) from chiming in. In a tweet following the accident, the organization called for Oklahoma to “KEEP HORSES OFF THE FIELD” and accused the university of “exploiting animals for sports.”

For what it’s worth, the animals didn’t seem to be too troubled after the wagon tipped over. They continued on their way until they were stopped, still on their feet, by trainers in the end zone.

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