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Patrick Mahomes’ phone is apparently ‘blowing up’ from NFL free-agents

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is drawing a wealth of love from NFL free agents.

Super Bowl LVII MVP and worldwide hero outside of the confines of Philadelphia, Patrick Mahomes, has reportedly been drawing a whole lot of direct interest from free agents around the NFL who hold a strong and common desire to play with the one-of-one Kansas City Chiefs quarterback.

In a week that will see an endless array of surprising news, this is probably the least surprising alert of the lot.

But, still, when any reasonable fan takes into consideration that Mahomes was working with All-Pro tight end Tavis Kelce and “some guys” last season — who somehow managed to claw their way into a legendary comeback and the 27-year-old’s second Lombardi Trophy — it’s kind of hard not to pay attention.

In short, Mahomes being gifted with true weapons heading into the 2023 season that could expand upon the already reliable Kelce is quite a scary thought that — sadly, for many fans — might very well become a stark reality.

Here’s what NFL Media’s Jesse Palmer had to say about this exact topic.

“It doesn’t mean they’re (the Chiefs) done looking. It doesn’t mean also that other wide receivers, I’m told, are not blowing up Patrick Mahomes’ phone. To my understanding, guys have been calling him this entire offseason, saying, ‘Hey can I come to Kansas City? Can I come and play with you guys?’ That is a real thing that is happening.”

NFL Media’s Jesse Palmer on the Mahomes draw

When you take into consideration that Kadarius Toney was one of the more notable wide receivers for the Chiefs last season, the idea that this same Super Bowl-winning team might be in the mix for the likes of Odell Beckham Jr. and a handful of other standout wide receivers almost seems unfair.

At the same time, it’s impossible to argue against such a landing spot. One-handed catches or not, any NFL player who makes their living on the receiving end of an effortless throw would be wild not to seek a way to make the position of WR1 in Kansas City the choice of all choices.

Keep in mind, Kadarius Toney seemingly became the No. 1 wide receiving threat for the Chiefs last season, almost by accident.

Should Kansas City succeed in luring in a “true problematic matchup” at wide receiver like OBJ, it might be time to just say a prayer and see what happens next.

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